hi, i'm Patrick Rivera.

i'm a software engineer at Mirror.xyz - a decentralized protocol that helps creators with financing, growth, and monetization.

previously, i was a software engineer on the growth team at Instacart and a lead software engineer at Dharma.

i also write about crypto, startups, and the creator economy.


stuff i like

  • professionalcrypto, software engineering, product, business strategy, community building, investing, teaching, writing
  • music21 Savage, Drake, Future, Young Thug, Jay Z, Eminem, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, EDM, Trap, Headbangin' shit
  • funkettlebell workouts, long walks, biking, autobiographies, psychedelics, music festivals, YouTube, TikTok

questions i ask myself late at night

  • lifewhat constitutes a 'successful' life? how can we use altered states of consciousness to help us heal?
  • workhow would we build the internet if we could start from scratch today? how do we build community owned and operated networks that can thrive?

social presence

website design inspired by such a one